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June 5, 2024



Excerpt from

Breakout: An antimicrobial biotechnology quietly building success


Canadian company Biosenta Inc. (CSE:ZRO) is one of the few companies ... [specializing] in innovative antimicrobial products that offer environmentally friendly solutions to combat microbial growth in various materials.

Biosenta’s flagship product, Tri-Filler, represents a breakthrough in antimicrobial technology that’s worth your attention and provides long-lasting protection against a wide spectrum of bacteria, molds and fungi.

Biosenta’s success is bolstered by strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading academic institutions. The company works closely with the University of Calgary,  exclusively with the Schulich School of Engineering and the Department of Biological Sciences. This collaboration ensures that Tri-Filler undergoes rigorous testing and continuous improvement.

Recent tests have shown that Tri-Filler can effectively be integrated into lightweight concrete, significantly enhancing its strength and fire resistance.

In May 2024, Biosenta publicized its license agreement with Lightweight Concrete Solutions, which involves the use of Tri-Filler in specific specialty concrete products and a non-exclusive license for other concrete products. Under the terms of this agreement, Lightweight Concrete Solutions has agreed to pay Biosenta a significant one-time license access fee of C$200,000, along with ongoing royalties based on the sales of the licensed products, marking an important revenue milestone for the company.

Read the entire article here.

May 31, 2024

As the year winds down and our team reflects on our fantastic year, the University of Windsor's Concrete Canoe Team would like to extend our gratitude for Lightweight Concrete Solution’s support throughout the past year.


Our team improved immensely at this year's Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) in Laval, Quebec. We placed 10th overall (3rd out of the Ontario universities) out of 19 teams, and we won "The Bid", meaning our canoe design was the best to scale into a hypothetical mass-manufacturing process of 100 concrete canoes. We achieved what we did with your support, and we thank you for that!


Attached are some photographs of our team at the 2024 CNCCC. We hope to share more with you as we prepare for the 2025 CNCCC in Winnipeg, Manitoba!


Again, thank you for your unwavering support of our team and the materials you generously donated! The compressive and tensile strength we achieved of 10.03 mPa and 4.83 mPa were heavily influenced by the involvement of your materials. Comparing the quantitative results from mixtures using and mixtures not using your materials showed the quality of your materials and the benefit they added to our design. The competition’s judges were impressed by our results, and we owe that to you!

May 6, 2024
We're working in partnership with the Tomlinson Group of Companies to produce a custom mix for a government project in Ottawa, Canada

March 2024
Exciting new applications for UHPC

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) has the potential to be used for a wide variety of applications in the Nuclear Industry.

Click the button below to read the white paper presented at the International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology

Yokohama, Japan

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